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In April 2011, Dii opened an office in Tunis in order to be in the position to efficiently co-ordinate its activities in North Africa. René Buchler, former industry manager who worked notably as head of Siemens Tunisia, was appointed as North Africa Co-ordinator and head of Dii’s office in Tunis. Having lived and worked in this region for many years, Mr. Buchler has gathered invaluable experience implementing and developing large-scale projects and the necessary know-how and content transfer.

In Tunisia, STEG Énergies Renouvelables, a subsidiary of the Tunisian state utility company STEG, and Dii are currently working on a pre-feasibility study within the framework of a co-operation agreement signed by Dii and Tunisian authorities in 2011. The study focuses on substantial solar and wind energy projects in Tunisia. Technical and regulatory prerequisites, necessary for both local energy consumption and the export of electricity to neighbouring countries, as well as the capacity of the electricity network to integrate desert power, are being reviewed. The study is also concerned with identifying reference projects (PV, CSP, CSP Hybrid) with a total volume of 1 GW, with a particular focus on the Tunisia-Italy transmission link. 


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