“The UK’s energy supply: security or independence”

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You may be interested in a response that have made Dr Gerry Wolff, Coordinator of Desertec-UK) to an enquiry by the Energy and Climate Change Committee: "The UK’s energy supply: security or independence?".

His response can be seen here link.

In summary: 

The UK is over-dependent on fossil fuels and its economy is vulnerable to disruption by rises in prices of those fuels arising from ‘peak oil’ and instability in countries like Libya.

For that reason, and also because of the urgent need to cut emissions of CO2, there should be substantial increases in investment in renewable sources of power and conservation of energy.

There is good evidence from reputable sources that renewables, with conservation of energy, can provide all of the UK’s present needs for energy and anticipated needs in the future. There is also good evidence that renewables can provide robust and resilient supplies of energy without the need for power from fossil fuels or nuclear plants.

For political reasons, the nuclear industry is vulnerable to events like the nuclear crisis at Fukushima in Japan. For that reason, and several others, nuclear power should be phased out in the UK.

The document includes several reasons why the Desertec initiative should be supported and promoted (click on the link bellow)

By Gerry Wolff

Coordinator of Desertec-UK

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