The project TRANSGREEN (part of Mediterranean Solar Plan)

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TRANSGREEN : a planned network of power lines

under the Mediterranean

This project aims to deliver, to Europe, solar energy which should be produced in the Sahara the next few decades. Scientists are already working on Transgreen, which has been discussed in May at a meeting of the Union for the Mediterranean.

It is a huge project, which has been discussed at the meeting of energy ministers from the 43 countries joining the Union for the Mediterranean. That meeting held May 25 in Cairo and participants have discussed the formation of a consortium, the role of which will be to install in the Mediterranean, electrical lines connecting Europa to North of Africa. The project in question was called Transgreen, there would be associated electricity suppliers and handlers (including EDF and RTE) and manufacturers of high voltage equipment. Currently, only a dual AC line with a capacity of 1,400 megawatts across the Mediterranean, under the Strait of Gibraltar.

Consultant to the UMP, Patrick Le Berrigaud commented: "Scientists are working on this project, but we're still in its infancy s (that project), especially since the Mediterranean is a fragile ecosystem, it will take all environmental precautions necessary to get as many cables under water.



France is working on plans for a consortium of companies to build a vast network of undersea electricity lines to bring solar power from North of Africa to Europe.

The project Transgreen, aims to bring together power companies, network operators and high-tension equipment makers under the leadership of French energy giant EDF. 

The initiative was unveiled at a meeting of energy ministers from Europe and countries on the Mediterranean in Cairo on May 25. 

Under a first phase running until 2012, the consortium would carry out feasibility studies for laying a huge network of high-tension, undersea power lines. 

Europe is currently linked to Africa only through a double, alternative-current line with a capacity of 1,400 megawatts under the sea at the Gibraltar Straits

But several projects are already in the pipeline for undersea cables between Algeria and Spain, Algeria and Sardinia and between Tunisia and Sicily.

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domenico villani 14/04/2010 20:54

What is the meaning of "under the mediterranean solar plan"?

Dr Hadroug Nasser 31/05/2010 19:33

Transgreen is a part of the project Plan Solaire Mediterranéen.