Where is the best Green MBA in Paris ?

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The best Green MBA in France, Paris, is at ISC Paris School of Business and Management link in partnership with the Industrial Engineering Laboratory at Ecole Centrale de Paris.

This MBA will give you a dual competency in Strategical Management of Sustainable Development and Operations Management, and give you all necessary skills to implement the Green Economy :

- Strategy business and corporate

- Green Economy and Green Growth

- Green Entrepreneurship

- Green Corporate Diplomacy

- Marketing and communication 2.0

- Sustainable Development Law

- Sustainable Efficiency Management

- CleanTech, GreenIT, Renewables and Environment, Biotech, Smart Grids

- Climate change, CO2 management, efficiency

- Management of Water, Waste, Renewable Energy 

- Balanced Sorecard, and Risks Management

- Intercultural and International Management

- Management of International and Complex "Green Program", "EPC Project" (Ecole Centrale de Paris)

- Green Business Management

- Green Business Intelligence

- Finance analysis and accounting

- Responsible Purchase Management

This program is very complete, and will give you the skills and new paradygm to allow you to manage a Green Business Unit.

But be carefull, the program is very hard :

- FullTime program during 12 months 

- 8 hours a day + saturday

- Exams and high level analysis and presentations every week

- A high level Research Thesis to write during 6 months, and to present to a Jury

- To be completed with a 6 months mission in a Company

If you think that you are ready and capable, DO IT, because this is the best Green MBA in Paris.

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