Since 1928, the vision of Sahara Green is to use Solar Energy from Desert to re-green it. This year 2012, the SaharaForestProject Pilot Facility is launched in Qatar.

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Since 1928, the goal of Sahara Green Initiative is to show the ways to the Green Economy in the MENA region and Solar Energy Cooperation, in order to improve the Human Development Index of that region.

The vision of SaharaGreenOrganization is :

- to use solar power from Desert, seawater desalination and hydrogen production, and permaculture, to re-green it ;

- to do the engineering and to produce the material in the MENA region, to create thousands of jobs in the MENA region ;

- to replace oil&gas fossil energy by solar energy and to launch the hydrogen economy.

The SaharaGreenBook ( explains from years that it is possible to design solutions that are good for the environment, good for social development and that have a long-term economic sustainability. 


Today some intiatives like DESERTEC and the Sahara Forest Project, launches pilot plants and industrial initiatives, to try to enable the SaharaGreen vision.


Description of the Sahara Forest Project pilot facility in Qatar

The Sahara Forest Project AS signed the 27/02/2012 a cooperation agreement for building a Pilot Plant in Qatar together with Yara International ASA and the Qatar Fertiliser Company, Qafco. The agreement was signed by CEO of Qafco, CEO of Yara International and CEO of The Sahara Forest Project AS. The estimated cost for the Pilot Plant is 5.3 million USD. Qafco and Yara International will provide the funding. The parties have already started the preparations, and are on schedule to reach the target of having a fully operational Pilot Plant by December 2012.

The Sahara Forest Project pilot facility in Qatar will provide a research platform to demonstrate and optimize environmental technologies that will enable restorative growth in desert areas around the world.

The Pilot Project is designed to fit in an approximately 10,000 m2 area inside the Qafco 5 site in Qatar and will consist of Seawater-based greenhouses, Concentrated solar power (CSP) for heat & electricity, Evaporative hedges and ponds for reducing brine to dry salts, Algae cultivation facilities, Vegetated outdoor areas and Halophyte cultivation units.

The Pilot Project in Qatar will demonstrate the benefits of Aqua-CSP technologies in arid land, and that it is possible to start to re-green the Deserts.



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