Sahara Green is registered at the Bayer Material Science competition, regarding initiatives to avoid Desertification.

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Sahara Green is registered at the Bayer Material Science competition, regarding initiatives to avoid Desertification.

Sahara Green : Let's use Desert Solar Energy, Solar Seawater Desalination, and Permaculture, to re-green the Sahara.

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You will find there the idea "Sahara Green"

The concept Sahara Green :

How trans-Mediterranean sustainable cooperation and solar energy from the Sahara will achieve well-being, peace and prosperity in the European and Mediterranean Nations, and will help to avoid desertification ?

Five percent (5%) of the Sahara Desert receive enough solar energy to provide green electricity to entire earth (18000 Terawatt-hours/year), and then help to reduce the desertification, and reduce CO2 emissions by 4,7 billions of tons up to 2050, and provide clean water.

The concept Sahara Green (Dr HADROUG Nasser, 2002), is an initiative which aims to combine the Sahara desert and the Mediterranean sea, for the well-being of Mediterranean populations, and environmental protection. From their union, and the intermingling of their fluids (solar radiation and salt water), will born a Green Sahara and the Euro-mediterranean Green Economy.

Let's implement Green Economy in the Mediterranean : Let's use the solar energy from Sahara desert to desalinate seawater from Mediterranean and initiate the hydrogen economy, in order to re-green the Sahara (against the desertification) and to ensure a sustainable growth in the European Union and Africa.

Let's re-green the desert Sahara :
* to use the huge amount of Solar Energy available in the desert : to produce green electricity with Concentrated Solar Power stations (CSP),
* to use green electricity produced with CSP, to desalinate seawater extracted from the Mediterranean, in order to produce clean water and hydrogen,
* to use a part of the desalinated seawater and Permaculture to re-green the desert Sahara,
* to create several Oasis Power (TM) around the Sahara, bellow the sea level if possible, integrating Green Cities Technologies, Solar Power Stations, Solar Sea Water Desalination Stations, Hydrogen plus Oxygen Production Systems,
* let's regreen inside the "Oasis Power" (s) and around, by using Permaculture and Green Robotics (robots are needed to afforest automatically),
* to link together all "Oasis Power" cities with High Voltage Direct Current, and seawater pipelines,
* to link these cities to the Europe, to provide Green Electricity to the European Union.

Let's promote Trans-mediterranean sustainable projects the goal of which is to use the solar energy from desert for a sustainable growth (against the desertification, and for a well being at the North and the Soth of the Mediterranean).

The first step is to promote the initiative SaharaGreen by using the Web 2.0 :
* information website http://desertec-mediterranee.over-blog.comlink
* community of professionals
The goal of this first step of this initiative Sahara Green is to help to reduce our climate impact, to preserve the biosphere, especially by reducing the Desertification, and to initiate Green Economy in the Euro-mediterranean area by helping all the stakeholders to do green business with the respect of the 4 Bottom Lines : Economic, Environment, Social, Geopolitics.

So ? The Sahara and the Mediterranaen Sea, hand in hand ?

By Dr HADROUG Nasser

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