MED-CSD Project : Combined Solar Power and Desalination Plant

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MED-CSD is a project funded by the "European Commission – DG Research" under the 7th Framework Program.

The main objective of the MED CSD project is the assessment of the technico-economic potential of CSP for electricity and desalination in Mediterranean region, particularly the Mediterranean Partners Countries, based on a technology review and considering the results of pasts and on-going studies and projects (Aqaba project as reference) and attained through the realization of feasibility studies in Mediterranean countries and an impact assessment analysis.

Within a 2 year duration, the main objectives of the project were, up to 2010 :

- to carry out feasibility studies of power plants combining Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technology with seawater desalination in the Mediterranean region.

- to make a technology review and a selection of concentrated solar power and desalination configurations adapted for application in the Mediterranean partner countries.

- to assess the technico-economic potential of this type of combined generation in the region.

The feasibility studies should be performed in Cyprus, Egypt, Italy (Island), Morocco.

An important effort should be given to the impact assessment of a broad dissemination of this concept in the Mediterranean countries.

The first step is the selection of CSP and desalination configurations suitable for application in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region, using information on state of the art of CSP and desalination, specifically engineering performed for Aqaba hybrid CSP desalination plant, and taking into consideration the specific situation and needs where the feasibility studies will be performed.

In a second step, a generic feasibility study will be defined and applied to Cyprus, Italian Island, Egypt, Morocco and PNA including an impact assessment analysis for a broad dissemination. The 3d step will relate to the assessment of the technico-economic potential of CSP for electricity and desalination in MPCs. It will be followed by an Action Plan and dissemination of the results.

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