Desertec: Rainer Aringhoff to join Dii’s board of management as Chief Operating Officer

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Press release Munich, Germany, 12 April 2010

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Desertec: Rainer Aringhoff to join Dii’s board of management as Chief Operating Officer

Munich – The shareholders of the joint venture Dii GmbH have appointed Rainer Aringhoff (57) as member of the board of management. As Chief Operating Officer (COO). Mr. Aringhoff will be responsible for the conceptual preparation and planning of reference projects. Prior to Dii, Mr. Aringhoff worked as President of Solar Millennium LLC in Berkeley/California where he headed Solar Millennium’s CSP project development in the US. The Dii was founded in 2009 as the ”Desertec Industrial Initiative” and aims at creating the framework for generating sustainable and climate-friendly power in the deserts of the Middle East and North Africa and prepare its integration with the European energy market. One of Dii’s core objectives is to originate early reference projects to prove the overall feasibility of the DESERTEC concept.


As president of the project companies, Mr. Aringhoff headed the project development of the Andasol power plants in Southern Spain, Europe’s first commercial parabolic trough plants. He has comprehensive experience in project development and energy consulting and has worked, among others, in Greece, Jordan and Morocco. Mr. Aringhoff also conducted strategic energy supply studies for the Governments of Brazil, Venezuela and the Latin American Energy Organization, OLADE. He is renowned for his market knowledge of solar thermal power plants which he has been promoting on an international level for many years. Furthermore, Mr. Aringhoff acted as General Secretary for the European Solar Thermal Industry Association (ESTIA) until 2006 (the forerunner of ESTELA) and is California’s Solar Industry Representative in the Californian Energy Commission’s RETI (Renewable Energy Transmission Initiative) since 2007.


Paul van Son, CEO of the Dii: “I am delighted that Rainer joins us and I look forward to working with him. His outstanding track record in the field of solar thermal power plants will be very important for Dii’s reference projects. The aim of these projects is to integrate all relevant aspects of DESERTEC in a systematically developed environment. They shall provide renewable energy from sun and wind for local supply and for transport from MENA to Europe. Our intention is to use all relevant and field-proven technologies for power generation and transmission in order to gather important findings for a long-term roll-out plan for DESERTEC. The development and integration of local industries will also play an important role.”


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