Concentrating Solar Power Global Outlook 2009

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With advanced industry development and high levels of energy efficiency, concentrated solar power could meet up to 7% of the world’s power needs by 2030 and fully one quarter by 2050.

Documentation provided by ESTELA

Section 1 CSP: the basics
Section 2 CSP electricity technologies and costs
Section 3 Other applications of CSP technologies
Section 4 Market Situation by Region
Section 5 Global Concentrated Solar Power Outlook Scenarios
Section 6 CSP for Export: The Mediterranean Region
Section 7 CSP Policy recommendations
APPENDIX 1 Current and projected CSP market
APPENDIX 2 Companies active in CSP
APPENDIX 3 Early solar power plants
APPENDIX 4 List of countries in IEA Regions

APPENDIX 5 Summary Scenario Key parameter  

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