Bilfinger Berger has joined the Desertec industrial initiative (Dii) as an Associated Partner

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April 13, 2010

Bilfinger Berger joins Desertec initiative

Bilfinger Berger has joined the Desertec industrial initiative (Dii) as an Associated Partner. The construction and services Group sees the project as a tremendous opportunity for its services business in particular. “We view Desertec as an important element in securing a sustainable supply of energy and a great opportunity for our Company”, says Prof. Hans Helmut Schetter, member of the Executive Board at Bilfinger Berger responsible for technology and research & development, among other things. “The range of services we deliver fits in perfectly with the requirements of Desertec.” As a partner to the power plant and energy sectors, Bilfinger Berger has many years of experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of facilities for the generation of both renewable and conventional energy.

The objective of the Desertec project is to cover about 15 percent of Europe’s electricity needs with solar and wind energy by the year 2050. The project includes plans to produce electricity from extensive solar and wind power plants in countries across North Africa and the Middle East and connect them to the European grid through a series of pipelines. A significant portion of electricity needs in the countries where the electricity is produced will also be covered. Dii, the planning company, is working hard to ensure that this ambitious concept becomes reality in the near future.

Bilfinger Berger has wide-ranging competence in the installation and maintenance of both solar power plants and wind turbines. The Company’s specialists ensure the efficient operation of solar thermal power plants in Spain and North Africa through comprehensive insulation works or within the scope of long-term maintenance agreements. Bilfinger Berger is also responsible for the construction and maintenance of wind turbines in Europe and North America.

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