ALGERIA Renewable Energies : Germans propose know-how and technology transfer

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see the page 59 of this report from Algerian Energy and Mines Ministry N°10 (March 2009)

German operators wish to contribute to the development of the renewable energies programme. A group of six compa- nies participated in a seminar held under the aegis of the Algerian-German Chamber of Commerce at the Mercure Hotel in Algiers. According to its managing director, Mr Hergenrother, the mission aims to “identify the needs of Algerian institutions for technologies and know-how”, and to make them “proposed solutions assuring the transfer of technical and technological know-how”.

Germans know that Algerians wish to achieve “an objecti- ve of 5% in renewable energies by 2010” but also observe that "the programme is experiencing delays”, if we trust the level reached today in this domain which “is no more than 0.2%”, said Mr Hergenrother. Furthermore, the pursuit of these objectives requires an “updating of the legal frame- work by the promulgation of a decree on the tariffs' and subsidisation system” which can favour the putting in place of photovoltaic or solar electricity production projects “in Algeria”, stated the Germans.

The meeting made progress with the signature of “several agreements in the domain of photovoltaic and solar ener- gy”, stated the MD of the Algerian-German Chamber. Germans are leaders in the domain of solar energy and the concern of the Algerians particularly focused on the cost that "reliability can however offset" in the long term, defen- ded the German businessmen. The later are greatly invol- ved in Algeria in waste management, the environment and solar energy. Twenty businessmen, in partnership with the German cooperation organisation GTZ, led prospecting missions in 2008 in Algiers. Another meeting, held in June with the German experts and the representatives of the Ministries of Energy, Territorial Development as well as those of New Energy Algeria, dealt with the question of solar development. 70 experts (30 Algerians) participated in the last trade fair on the environment. All these events - which targeted an approach of the Algerian market - have given rise to a series of partnership agreements. Of the pro- jects most in view, we can mention the supply of a hybrid solar-gas plant in Hassi R'mel by the companies Schott and Siemens, the construction of a solar tower in Sidi Abdellah, as well as other projects realised by X-tern, Phaesum, Solar 23. Vollmer, Conergy, etc.

According to Dr Abderrahmane Hamidat, from the Centre for Renewable Energies, Germany is one of the partner countries in the same way as Belgium and Spain with which Algeria hopes to develop its renewable energies programme and particularly solar energy. The investment framework with its incentive measures, i.e. the 2004 law on the pro- duction of electricity, means that potential investors can be encouraged. “Several German companies are already pre- sent in our country”, he said. The German experts, who led technical conferences, showed the usefulness of the deve- lopment of solar energy in seawater desalination, irrigation, the water supply, purification of waste waters with applica- tions in countries such as Morocco, India and Jordan which may "interest the Algerian experience", noted Olivier Mayer of the German Global Research centre.

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LARBI 13/01/2010 23:39

Waste management IS the real challenging issue for the algerian environment minister! there're so many improvments to be leaded in this field.
And about solar energy, who are the 6 companies participated in te seminar, are they all german?