Innovation : Algeria is building the first worldwide hybrid solar power plant

Publié le par Dr Hadroug Nasser

Project type: 150-MWe solar-combined-cycle hybrid plant, 20 MWe from a thermal oil-based parabolic trough collector field.

Location: Hassi-R'mel.

Client: Sonatrach (Algerian State Corporation)

Supplier for Solar part: ABENGOA Solar

Date: 2010

Sonatrach is building the world´s first hybrid solar power plant, in ALGERIA (Hassi-R'mel), featuring a combined cycle with 150 MW of power output total capacity.

20 MW are coming from the thermal oil-based parabolic trough collector field with a total of 180,000 m 2 of reflective surface (1.94 million square ft).

The innovation of this project is electrical exploitation of the heat generated in the same steam turbine that captures the residual heat from the gas turbine.

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