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The earlier goal of SaharaGreen, was to re-green the deserts by using solar energy. Since 1928 volunteers tries to make this dream possible : to use Solar Energy to transform the deserts into paradise.

Today, this think tank became a worldwide organization in the fields of Sustainability Intelligence & Sustainability Research, and helps companies across the globe to identify and capitalize on green business opportunities.

The objectives of SaharaGreen are to share Scientific & Technologic & Market informations in the fields of Sustainability (Sustainable Development, Green Economy, CleanTechs ...) and to promote Sustainable initiatives, like DESERTEC, MedGrid, Mediterranean Solar Plan, Sahara Green Vision.

SaharaGreen helps also companies to hire experts in Sustainability.

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Mercredi 17 juillet 3 17 /07 /Juil 20:15

The 1st July 2013, DESERTEC Foundation announced the termination of its membership with Dii GmbH. This action has been agreed upon by all members […]
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Vendredi 24 mai 5 24 /05 /Mai 16:37

L'empreinte environnementale des organisations (EEO), comme celle des produits (EEP), propose une approche fondée sur le cycle de vie pour […]
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Lundi 8 avril 1 08 /04 /Avr 15:10

Comment la coopération trans-méditerranéenne et l'énergie solaire du sahara apporteront bien être et prospérité dans le bassin Méditerranéen Pour […]
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Lundi 8 avril 1 08 /04 /Avr 15:07

The brochure “EUMENA 2050 – Powered by renewable energy” illustrates the main contents of the study Desert Power 2050 in a visual and concise […]
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